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«Sounds of Hope» Album by King Nixon powered by FBP Music Group.

Musik geht über Grenzen – Musik verbindet!

Nutze dein Talent- was auch immer es ist – um Gutes zu tun! (Alle Einnahmen kommen den Kindern sowie den Frauen bei Sounds of Hope zugute)

Perfekte Sommervibes: ein Mix aus Afropop, Dancehall, Rap, Reggae & Gospel.

Ab 12.8.22 in sämtlichen Stores & Streaming Portalen (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music & iTunes, Amazon Music, Youtube, Shazam, Pandora, Tidal, etc…) erhältlich!

Beschreibende Worte des Musikers King Nixon aka Nicholas Mubeezi:


This song is simply about Gratitude, the word  «NSIIMYE» means I’m thankful. In this song i was expressing gratitude to God for whatever he had done in our lives, i wrote it after God had blessed our kids with a place to call home and learning center 3 years ago.


Y’ANI ? means literally who ? The song speaks about God, and places him in a space of no comparison, that indeed no one is like our God, for he lifted us from so much lack, destruction and useless people to now literate people that are being helpful to many others of our generation, in this song i feature some of our kids whose lives we are impacting through education and welfare.


Is a masterpiece in the Ugandan media, this song preaches that i will never part from God regardless of how tough the situation may seem to become, i will never stop doing good for others until the coming back of Christ. Its majorly christian dancehall song. SILI LEEKA generally means «i will never stop».


An inspiration drawn from the bible, in this song i preach the word of God is life and is enough for, that his grace is forever sufficient in every kind of situation/walk of life.


This is one of the strongest worship songs in the country at the moment, it has received a good audience and its inspired by the holy spirit, OMWOOYO WO Simply means your spirit, and its about the holy spirit. That his power abides with in us, as we gather, the spirit of the Lord is simply there with us.


A worldwide super christian dance hall praise song and comes sixth of my album «Sounds of Hope», as the Lyrics goes «stand upon your feet and give him a praise, stand pon your feet and dance for the lord» its encouraging people to dance, be jolly as they serve the living God, inspired by the bible, 2 SAM 6:14 where it says about David dancing for the lord.


BELIEVE Is a super inspirational dance hall song that encourages people that are stressed and heart broken-ed to Believe in God and to always pray unto him for his wisdom and plans never fail those who believes in him.


This Song literally means heaven, and the song talks about what will happen in heaven, i want to see you in heaven, Rejoicing with Christ in heaven, and praising and worshiping God together in heaven, this song has a unique topic and inspiration everyone that listens to it here surely loves it, i confirm its another banger across clubs and churches.


My dancehall masterpiece, it cuts across the christian and secular world, but in general its a stress-killer-hit. It literally means enjoy life and have fun no matter what.


This is worship song made for people who would want to exalt God, OBISINGA means: YOU ARE BETTER THAN EVERYTHING. In this song i worship God and place him in A space of honor, that he is bigger than my worries, bigger than my fears, bigger than all the problems of this world that i have faced and those that may come. It simply elevates our souls to understand that GOD IS ABOVE ALL.


It’s another rap & dancehall song of my album, NKWAATA simply means hold me, in this song i preach about holding each other through support and prayers, and also talking to God to hold our hands where humans may fail us. He should never leave us, because his power alone can break off chains.


this is a love master piece and was originally made for people in love or celebrating love at a wedding or happy occasions with a strong love message, as it goes in the lyrics: «gal you’re fire, blazing like fire, you are everything i desire sit and relax you deserve a man like me».

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